Care Give R Lift by Caregiver's Aide

Now you can make these care giving tasks of moving a patient much easier...

Placing or positioning patient into proper sitting position in a wheelchair or other chair: Are you...

  • tearing his clothing or giving a "wedgie"?
  • bruising the patient or hurting yourself?
  • fighting with the patient to allow you to move them?
  • agitating the patient because methods are clumsy?

Repositioning a patient in bed: Are you...

  • using his bed clothes(pajamas) to move him around the bed?
  • using a draw sheet to move the patient?
  • using brute strength to move the patient?
  • hurting him or yourself?
  • trying to figure a better way?

You don't need to lift a patient. You can use safe patient handling.

The Skid Seat® and Bed Sled™, part of the Care-Give-R-Lift line of Patient Aids offered by Caregivers Aide, LLC , will ease the tasks of repositioning a patient in a wheelchair or bed. Just ask Kim H., a CNA personal care provider working for Lori's Angels, Schuylkill Haven, PA. who uses a gait belt to transfer a patient to his wheelchair:

"Before seating my wheelchair patient I place the Skid Seat onto the chair. It makes getting my patient back into the chair easy. The patient doesn't even realize I'm moving him until it's done! He's an older gentleman whose skin bruises easily and he has a short temper when being treated "too rough". Using the Skid Seat helps start out the day with one less hassle to worry about. "

or, Kim N., another CNA working for Lori's Angels who handles a bed bound patient:

"The Bed Sled reusable bed pad makes it so much easier to move my patient. It still takes two people to move him (he's 200+ lbs.) but the handles sewn onto the bed pad make repositioning a patient much easier having something to grab onto rather than just grabbing a handful of cloth. And it slides over the sheets so much better. And when I'm not there the family caregiver is still able to do the same moves "


Wouldn't it be great to be able to accomplish these tasks with less strain on you, mentally and physically? Just worrying about how it will affect the patient...can I do this without hurting him (or me)... can be as tiring as the physical act of performing the moves. Using the Patent Pending Skid Seat(R) for positioning patient in a wheelchair and the Bed Sled(tm) reusable bed pad for repositioning a patient in bed, can make your care giving tasks easier.

And these are great values!
Compare both items to similar devices for repositioning a patient and discover these prices are quite affordable. So there you have it! The Care-Give-R-Lift Skid Seat® and Bed Sled™ are Simple, Effective and Inexpensive. And you can buy confidently with my 100% satisfaction guarantee. Order today to start making your care giving tasks easier and your patient more comfortable.

Why the Skid Seat®? An assistant to help in positioning the patient.

I have been caring for my disabled elderly husband who has Parkinson's Disease for 12 years. He has been a wheelchair patient for six years. As sole family caregiver I have had to find ways to do things that work. The task of positioning patient is always a challenge. Here's where my seamstress experience comes in.

I invented and manufacture the Skid Seat (R) to make sitting him into the wheelchair easier on my back and hands, and it's more comfortable for the patient. The Skid Seat is patent pending and trademarked.

On days when he can't stop sliding out of his chair, it saves having to get him out of the chair each time he needs to be repositioned. Once placed onto the wheelchair it can be pulled back several times before "running out of material". At that point the Skid Seat needs to be realigned under the patient.

The Skid Seat®

  • can be used for positioning patients with many kinds of health problems and disabilities
  • is made in several fabric combinations to suit each patient's needs.
  • can be used to assist a passenger into a vehicle
  • is affordable! You may want to purchase several to have on hand for positioning patient at various locations around the house... wheelchair, auto, scooter, stair lift, and one for spare while soiled ones are washed.

See how it works!

What's a Bed Sled? A Bed Sled ™ is a super charged reusable bed pad.

A reusable bed pad has several uses: It can...

  • protect your mattress from incontinence leaks.
  • make it easier to get through the day or night without having to strip the bed when wetness occurs.
  • be used for repositioning a patient in bed by grasping the bed pad cloth and rolling or sliding the patient
    across the bed.
  • be used when bathing a patient in bed .
  • even be used as "Potty training" for puppies.

A Bed Sled (tm) reusable bed pad does all the above with the added advantage of having "Hold On" straps.

  • The Bed Sled has webbing handles sewn securely to two or four sides to be grasped when using the pad for repositioning a patient in bed.
  • A Bed Sled can be used for repositioning a patient when seated in a recliner.
  • If you're going to use a bed pad anyway, why not use one that will make the lifting, tugging, rolling, and sliding much easier?

How is a reusable bed pad made?
A traditional reusable bed pad is made of a cotton top cloth, an absorbent middle layer to hold the liquids, and a waterproof bottom layer of vinyl. New technology has produced a lighter weight version (but just as strong) made with polyester tricot top and a backing called polyurethane. Both pads are waterproof.

What's the difference?

  • Vinyl is heavier and stiffer and will not bunch under the patient . When washed by machine the stiffer vinyl needs more room to receive proper agitation for thorough washing.
  • Polyurethane (Urethane) is lighter and less stiff and is easier to wash by machine. It will not bunch up under the patient.

Guess what !? Reusable bed pads come in tiny sizes called Seat Pads!!
Seat Pads work the same way, launder the same, but are sized to fit on the seat of a wheelchair , regular house chair, or car seat. (The Skid Seat is a super charged seat pad with handles. )* insert link to go back to Skid Seat products*

With all this knowledge you can now go to the product page and choose items that will make your care giving duties easier...If you have any questions, call me! I'll gladly answer your questions and guide you in your selection.

A Skid Seat® for the car?! Koo-o-ol! They're fashionable too!
Yes, a Skid Seat can make it easier for the disabled elderly and mobility disabled to get into a car. Don't leave your loved one at home because he can't get into the car.

Place the Skid Seat onto the car seat before the passenger/patient enters the car, with the handle loops extending from side to side across the seat. Have the passenger sit as far into the seat as possible landing on top of the Skid Seat, or as nearly on top as he can. Sometimes the person may only be on a part of the Skid Seat, but even a part may be enough to slide him into the seat the rest of the way. If there's not enough, you'll have to pull the fabric under the patient some more.

As long as the patient is sitting on a good portion of the Skid Seat you should be able to simply push/slide the patient further onto the seat from the entry door. Or from the opposite side you may be able to reach across the seat and pull him onto the car seat. Once fully seated you will then buckle him up. It may take a few practice tries to get the placement correct, but once you have it figured out, it will make helping that person into the car so much easier.

  • For vinyl or leather seats, the canvas or vinyl or urethane backed Skid Seat will work.
  • For cloth seats the vinyl backed Skid Seat will slide easier.
  • For either case, both the vinyl or urethane backed Skid Seat are waterproof to help protect the seat from wetting accidents.
  • Your loved one can be fashionably discreet and comfortable,... and mobile.

A personal note: We have a Chevrolet Tahoe that my husband has to climb up into to get to the seat. Having the seat higher off the ground makes it easier for me to help him into the car because I don't have to bend over, but can slide him in from a standing position. Being higher also helps getting him out. When his feet touch the ground he is already in a standing position. I still need to support him and help him to turn to sit into the wheelchair . Sometimes he feels like he's jumping out of an airplane and needs a parachute to get down but generally this works. I would NOT go back to a regular car as long as he needs assistance to get into the car.

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